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Thank you for visiting our site, and welcome to a Frederick landmark. This year is our 87th year of service to the community.


Clustered Spires Cemetery, formerly Linden Hills Cemetery, at the top of Linden Avenue in Frederick, is friendly, priced right, understanding and responsive to your needs. Clustered Spires Cemetery is where memories are memorialized and where veterans are honored. 


Our only business is the sale of in-ground burial lots, grave markers and mausoleum entombment spaces. What we provide you is simple and complicated agendas or pricing lists.


Make Clustered Spires part of your pre-need planning.  We currently have several burial spaces available at special value prices, so please contact us to find out what bargains we're now offering.  These spaces are priced from $695 to $2,000 each. 


In addition, our opening and closing costs are competitive with any you'll find in the area.  Why pay more than you need to pay?  We can assist you with locking in a rate now. Call us to get full information.


We hope you will become well informed by what you see here and will also become a friend of Clustered Spires as so many have.  Since renovation, our popularity continues to grow because the word of good service gets around.  We are exclusively a cemetery site.  We are not a funeral home or mortuary.  We will gladly recommend or coordinate any other funeral and interment services you require.


If you're faced with a sudden or unexpected loss and need prompt cemetery assistance, call us for a complete list of cemetery products and services.  Clustered Spires Cemetery is non-profit, so your donations and financial gifts are tax deductible.  Call 301-898-7616 and ask for Richard.



Walking of pets or allowing loose pets on cemetery property are prohibited.  Service dogs are generally permitted.  Pets on leash may be brought into the cemetery when the owners are briefly visiting grave sites, but must be on leash at all times. 


When visiting the cemetery, please be respectful of grave sites and interment areas.  Changing, modifying, removing items from or adding them to a grave site is restricted to property owners

and must be done in good taste.  Defacing, taking items from another grave site or other acts of disrespect are against the law and are subject to severe legal action.


Although we know they are well meant, unapproved displays and those deemed inconsistent with proper cemetery decorum and taste will have to be be removed.  Floral tributes placed on gravesites will be left undisturbed as long as appearance permits, at the discretion of the grounds manager.


No vehicles, except those needed by contractors or staff for cemetery business, are permitted off road for any reason.  Large trucks are prohibited from entering the cemetery, except by special permission.


Only gatherings in memoriam or other services honoring persons interred here, or gatherings otherwise related to cemetery business and for the community at large, are permitted and must always have the prior approval of the Cemetery Director. 


Clustered Spires Cemetery encourages veterans and their organizations to hold Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances at the site of the American flag or at the Sunrise Mauoleum.  Private social or organizational gatherings are prohibited unless related to cemetery business.





In late 2008, a few friends, patrons and community volunteers began a program to renew the cemetery, which originally opened in 1930 as Frederick Memorial Park.  The cemetery was renamed Linden Hills several years later.


When the park became a non-profit cemetery, the name was changed to Clustered Spires Cemetery.  As part of the 2008 restoration, the name "Sunrise Mausoleum" was chosen to reflect the traditional Easter Sunrise Services held at that spot each year.


The purpose of the extensive cemetery update was to literally "bring it back" and give it a fresh, clean and well kept look.  We wanted to draw attention to this treasured hilltop memorial park, which offers a spectacular view of Frederick and the clustered spires for which the city is known.  It is widely believed that the American flag, which proudly flies on a 50-foot mast near the top of the cemetery property at Linden Avenue, stands at the highest point for an American flag in Frederick City.  


Since late 2008, workers have repaved more than 21,000 square feet of roadways and have replaced the concrete mausoleum stairway bottom landing.  We've completed additional walkway rebuilds and roof work, cleared more shrubs and trees, repaired the mausoleum and designed new plantings.  New lighting was restored to the Sunrise Mausoleum in late 2010 and the interior walls and ceiling were restored and repainted to their original colors in 2011.


Original cemetery designs have been retained, restored when possible and blended into the new designs when appropriate.  A more vigorous mowing program is in place to keep the cemetery's nine scenic acres always at their best.  The staff works throughout the year to ensure all restoration and care programs are kept current and to initiate new ones when needed.


Time passes quickly.  The end of life often comes suddenly.  Unexpectedly.


Your friends at Clustered Spires remind you that having to choose a cemetery at the last minute and deciding on the type and place of interment of a family member or loved one can be hectic, hurried, emotionally difficult and costly.  But such stressful times can be avoided.


When the need arises, be prepared for it. Clustered Spires Cemetery can help you make those important burial decisions now, before sudden loss must be dealt with.  Let our representative show you the many options we have to offer.  Call us today.~~

The new central and side walkways at Clustered Spires Cemetery were completed in 2012.




Clustered Spires Cemetery features paved roadways, custodial care, pleasant park setting, a scenic landscape and well kept grounds.


A single lot, or one grave site, at Clustered Spires can be reserved for as little as $80 a month with no interest charges on payments.  Prices are generally based on cemetery location.  Spaces at Surnrise Mausoleum are limited.  Please contact us for specifics on site availability.


To maintain consistency and uniformity of appearance, special commemorative markers and memorials within the cemetery or the mausoleum must be approved in advance.




Clustered Spires Cemetery is also a place where veterans are remembered.  We proudly offer the community a place to meditate and remember our fallen heroes.  More than 125 of the nation's honored veterans are interred here.  We welcome participation, services and sponsorship from veterans' groups and associations.


Every Memorial Day, Clustered Spires Cemetery arranges a brief program at the Sunrise Mausoleum to commemorate fallen servicemen and women.  The public is cordiallly invited to attend and honor the brave men and women who have served in the nation's military.


Volunteers have been the essence of Clustered Spires five-year renovation program.  Traditionally, volunteers from a nearby Frederick business donate their time and energy on Memorial Day to place American flags on the graves of all known veterans at Clustered Spires Cemetery.  We are thankful for their patriotic efforts and grateful that Clustered Spires Cemetery can afford individuals an opportunity to honor our fallen heroes.




In late 2008, volunteers began a program to renew this 80 year old cemetery.  The purpose was to give it a fresh, clean and well kept look and to draw attention to this hilltop memorial park, which offers a spectacular view of Frederick and the clustered spires for which the city is known.


It is widely believed that the American flag, which proudly flies atop a 50-foot mast near the top of the cemetery property at Linden Avenue, stands at the highest point for an American flag in Frederick City.


Since renovation began, workers have repaved more than 21,000 square feet of roadways and have replaced the mausoleum stairway bottom landing.  We have done roof improvements, cleared numerous shrubs and trees and designed future improvements.  New lighting was installed in the Sunrise Mausoleum in 2010, and the interior walls and ceiling were restored to their original 1930 colors.  An original stone walkway and a matching side walkway, both leading to the mausoleum, were rebuilt in 2012 and dedicated to the memory of Christopher Clark Miller, a Frederick guitarist and musical entertainer (1966-2005) who is interred at Clustered Spires. ~~




We uncovered this elaborate stone bird sanctuary in a wooded and overgrown corner of the property.  Nobody on the present staff knows anything about it -- who built it, when and why.  It is obviously well constructed of brick and stone and quite professionally done.  It stands about 12 ft. high and is 30" x 30" at the top section -- and it even has a weather vane on top.  Chances are it dates back to the 1930's or 1940's.  Was it built just as an ornamental structure, or was it a real bird sanctuary?  If you have any information on it, please contact us. 







On January 1, 2012, the Board of Directors at Clustered Spires Cemetery in Frederick initiated  new rules and regulations which, under certain circumstances, would permit assumption of unclaimed property by the cemetery. 


If the owner of an interment or an entombment site cannot be located after 50 years, if there is no monument or designation and if there has been no burial or entombment in that lot or space, and if, after exhausing all means to locate the owner or owners, the cemetery still cannot locate the owner or owners, that space will revert back to Clustered Spires Cemetery.


Maryland law does not prohibit cemeteries from assuming ownership of unused burial sites where current ownership cannot be verified by existing records and when the cemetery has exhausted all reasonable and available means to establish, for the record, the names and addresses of owners or custodians and their intentions regarding the utilization of the cemetery property.


Therefore ,ownership of all unused burial sites which cannot be identified in terms of ownership and intended use – i.e., for use as interment sites or for disposal as investment property – can revert back to the cemetery after a specified number of years.  This provision applies to registered owners with whom no contact can be established or whose location is now unknown.


It is imperative that the cemetery have up to date records of burial site ownership to avoid conflict, misrepresentation or misappropriation, especially with properties which have been held for long periods of time.  Clustered Spires Cemetery has set that limit at 50 years, or properties purchased on or after January 1, 1962.


Owners or custodians of such properties at Clustered Spires Cemetery are urged to contact us to ensure all burial and ownership records are up to date.  It is important that we know if you have purchased or are custodian of burial sites which have not been used, have been inactive for a long period of time, or where ownership has changed.  In many cases, sites were purchased and interment was made elsewhere, and in other cases, family records have been lost or the properties have been otherwise forgotten by or unknown to later generations.


To update your information with us, contact Clustered Spires Cemetery at the address and/or phone number listed on this web site. ~~


The above notice posted 7/20/2013 and amended 7/20/2014


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